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Do No Evil

Competition can be cut-throat, especially in the technology field. It sometimes brings out the worst in companies, people, and tactics where the bottom-line is the first, foremost, and only concern. Pakker is not this.

Though we all say we want to do the right thing, it takes time to create a good reputation of trust and worthiness with a company. And, of course, it takes much less time to lose it. We value relationships.

At Pakker, it goes without saying that we know what it takes to stay in business, but we are equally aware to be a good global corporate citizen and to treat Customers with respect. We've built ourselves to utilize these basic attributes in all facets of Pakker business:

Pakker will continue to focus on doing one thing very well, that is to do what's best for our Customers. We look forward to providing the best possible product and prices with ease of service. Thank you for choosing Pakker, it is an honor to serve you.